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Learner Driver Car Insurance

Driving Lesson Offers Wirral

By combining quality driving lessons with private practice it is proven that this increases the learner driver’s chances of passing their driving test first time. That is why learner driver insurance is such a valuable resource for those who are

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Georgia from Wirral

Hugh Congratulations to Georgia With a fabulous first time pass with the Hotwheelz Team today . It was hit and miss today as to whether Georgia could take her test due to an ankle injury at the weekend . But

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Catherine Laverick from Wirral

Huge Congratulations and another amazing 1st time pass for Catherine Laverick today . Lovely compliments from our examiner . Well done from the Hotwheelz Team your hard work has paid off !!! Brilliant result 🎉 Catherine Laverick from Wirral

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Liv from Wirral

Wow we did it Liv !! 1st time as well . ‘I’m moving to Texas Jan can we get a test done in a few weeks ? ‘ What a rollercoaster of events but enjoyed every minute of it .

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Sofia Rogers from Wirral

Mega Huge Congratulations to Sofia Rogers and another amazing 1st time pass with 2 tiny minors !! Knew you could do it . Hard work and determination from our Hotwheelz Pupils once again . Was an absolute pleasure to teach

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