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Driving Lessons Barnston

Learning to drive is a life skill most of us simply cannot afford to neglect. If you can’t drive, you are severely limiting your ability to fulfill your potential in life. Whether this fact is a good or a bad thing is debatable, but the fact remains. Learning to drive in Barnston is no exception. In fact, the importance of learning to drive in Barnston is perhaps more vital than elsewhere in Wirral due to the poor public transport links in the area.

Perhaps you have just turned 17 and you wish to learn to drive without delay. Or perhaps you must now drive in order to take your children to school or to travel to that new ‘dream job’ you’ve just landed in an adjacent county. Whatever your reasons for learning to drive, you may count on HotWheelz School of Motoring to help you pass. Each year, we help hundreds of people in Barnston in passing their driving test.

If you have not driven before, the local roads in Barnston are understandably daunting. When you sign up for driving lessons in Barnston through HotWheelz School of Motoring, we ensure the entire experience is as relaxing and unintimidating as possible. After all, all of driving instructors have been in your position before so we understand exactly what you are going through.

At HotWheelz School of Motoring, we cater to people from all walks of life. The vast majority of our clients are teenagers and young adults looking to start from scratch. We also cater to those who may have already had a few lessons or those who may have taken many lessons but feel they are ‘getting nowhere’ with their current instructor.

The benefits we offer in Barnston

Some of the unique benefits we offer include:

  • From the get-go, you will drive on your own with minimal assistance. Each of our clients is guaranteed to drive the vehicle unassisted from the first lesson
  • Many of our instructors are ex-DSA examiners, ensuring we understand exactly what examiners look for when you come to take your practical test
  • The highest first-time pass rate in Wirral
  • All of our instructors are qualified to Grade 6 DSA (Driving Standards Agency)
  • We prepare you for your hazard and theory test
  • All of our instructors are CRB checked and we offer female-only lessons
  • We offer a Pass Plus Scheme for those of you who are interested in taking your skill set that little bit further

Getting in touch today

Contact HotWheelz School of Motoring today on 07737 445611 for a free over-the-phone assessment. At HotWheelz School of Motoring, we have offered driving lessons in Wirral for over a decade. We ensure your exact needs are met from the very first lesson. When you contact us, we carry out a short assessment to ensure your needs will be met throughout your lessons.

Block bookings are available at a discounted rate!

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Our latest passes

Congratulations to Wuti Rutherford !!!

Huge Congratulations to Wuti Rutherford for passing his driving test today . Wuti’s smile says it all 😁 No more public transport !! Well done from the Hotwheelz Team

Congratulations Arya Schellenberg!!

Congratulations to Arya Schellenberg on a great first time pass with just a few little minors. The hard work this week really paid off, well done !!!!

Congrats Erin Flynn!!!

Huge Congratulations to my gorgeous niece Erin Flynn who absolutely smashed her driving test this morning !! Look at that smile it says it all . Well done Erin from the Hotwheelz Team 🎉🚗🚗🎉

Well done Lauren!!!

Huge Congratulations to Lauren today for smashing her test with just a few minors !! Well done from the Hotwheelz Team 🚗🚗🚗

Congratulations Josie!!!

Huge Congratulations to Josie this morning with another 1st time pass for the Hotwheelz Team !! Just 2 minors what an absolute star . A levels done , driving test done !! ENJOY your summer Josie 😎 .

Well done Molly!!!

A Super Duper 1st time pass today for our lovely Molly Weir . Molly has worked hard and it has paid off . Congratulations from the Hotwheelz Team you smashed it !!

Brilliant Pass Evie

Massive congratulatiins to Evie aspinall on a great 1st time pass today. The extra work over to past two weeks really paid off. Well done from the Hotwheelz Team 🎉🚗🚗🎉.

Evie from Wirral

Well done Lottie !!!

Huge congratulations from the Hotwheelz team to Lottie on passing her driving test today, brilliant drive in not very nice conditions, well deserved pass. Drive safe🎉🎉🎉

Lottie from Wirral

Georgia from Wirral

Hugh Congratulations to Georgia With a fabulous first time pass with the Hotwheelz Team today . It was hit and miss today as to whether Georgia could take her test due to an ankle injury at the weekend . But she sailed through with just 4 minor faults . Well done and drive safely .

Georgia from Wirral

Catherine Laverick from Wirral

Huge Congratulations and another amazing 1st time pass for Catherine Laverick today . Lovely compliments from our examiner . Well done from the Hotwheelz Team your hard work has paid off !!! Brilliant result 🎉

Catherine Laverick from Wirral

Liv from Wirral

Wow we did it Liv !! 1st time as well . ‘I’m moving to Texas Jan can we get a test done in a few weeks ? ‘ What a rollercoaster of events but enjoyed every minute of it . Have an amazing time in Texas so made up for you and feeling so proud !! 🎉

Sofia Rogers

Mega Huge Congratulations to Sofia Rogers and another amazing 1st time pass with 2 tiny minors !! Knew you could do it . Hard work and determination from our Hotwheelz Pupils once again . Was an absolute pleasure to teach you and wish you the very best of luck starting Uni this year . Now go celebrate 🎉🎉🎉. If you are looking to start driving lessons give Jan a call on 07737445611 and you could be holding that lovely blue certificate

Amelia from Pensby

Jan has been an amazing driving instructor. She is so lovely to talk to and so calming to drive with which is very helpful as a first time driver. She was able to cater to me as a driver and help me through any areas I found difficult. I always looked forward to our lessons and I’d recommend Hotwheelz to anyone! Thank you so much Jan!x

Amelia from Pensby

Emma from Birkenhead

I’ve just passed my test 1st time with Jan and I am made up with the result. Jan was very supportive and calm with me throughout learning, I was very nervous at first but she made me feel at ease in the car. She made our lessons fun whilst being very attentive and helping me maintain focus. I would reccommend Jan to anyone wanting to learn to drive, couldn’t of asked for a better instructor!

Emma from Birkenhead

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