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Theory Test Frequently Asked Questions


With all the excitement of getting behind the wheel of a car, it can be all too easy to overlook the importance of the theory test. It may not be glamorous, but your theory test is equally as important as your practical test. We’ve put together a quick guide to answer the common questions we’re asked, putting you in pole position to pass the first time around!

What does the driving theory test consist of?

The driving theory test is split into two sections. The first section comprises a fifty-seven-minute long multiple-choice test. From these fifty questions, you must answer forty-three correctly. The second section is a hazard perception test. This contains fourteen, one minute, interactive videos which play out different driving scenarios. You must click your mouse every time you spot a potential hazard, requiring forty-four out of seventy-five points to pass this section. Both sections have to be passed in order to complete the theory test and, ultimately, obtain your driving licence.

The multiple-choice test is designed to assess your knowledge of the rules of the road. Experience from your driving lessons, combined with a good amount of studying at home, will see you pass with flying colours.

The hazard perception test is all about your awareness, observational skills and demonstrating your understanding of the potential dangers facing drivers. Each video carries a maximum of five points and the earlier you respond to each potential hazard, the more points you receive.

How much does a driving theory test cost?

The driving theory test currently costs £23. The government set this amount, so it’s exactly the same price for everyone across the UK. The theory test is charged separately from the practical test, which costs £63.

When to book a driving theory test

We recommend making sure you’re prepared before you book your theory test. With a combination of practical driving experience, input from your instructor and consistent revision from a good quality textbook or website, you’ll soon feel confident enough to give it a shot. Unsure if the time is right for you? Your instructor will be more than happy to advise you whether a little more study is needed.

Where to book a driving theory test

All driving theory tests are booked via the gov.uk website. The site provides a clear and accessible route for booking your theory test, prompting you for personal details and your provisional driving licence – so make sure you have it handy. The process should only take ten minutes. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also book your test via telephone. In terms of the location of your theory test, there are one-hundred and sixty theory test centres across the UK, meaning most people won’t have to travel far for their test. Check with your driving instructor if you’re uncertain where you need to go.

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Our latest passes

Emma from Birkenhead

I’ve just passed my test 1st time with Jan and I am made up with the result. Jan was very supportive and calm with me throughout learning, I was very nervous at first but she made me feel at ease in the car. She made our lessons fun whilst being very attentive and helping me maintain focus. I would reccommend Jan to anyone wanting to learn to drive, couldn’t of asked for a better instructor!

Emma from Birkenhead

Amelia from Pensby

Jan has been an amazing driving instructor. She is so lovely to talk to and so calming to drive with which is very helpful as a first time driver. She was able to cater to me as a driver and help me through any areas I found difficult. I always looked forward to our lessons and I’d recommend Hotwheelz to anyone! Thank you so much Jan!x

Amelia from Pensby

Sofia Rogers

Mega Huge Congratulations to Sofia Rogers and another amazing 1st time pass with 2 tiny minors !! Knew you could do it . Hard work and determination from our Hotwheelz Pupils once again . Was an absolute pleasure to teach you and wish you the very best of luck starting Uni this year . Now go celebrate 🎉🎉🎉. If you are looking to start driving lessons give Jan a call on 07737445611 and you could be holding that lovely blue certificate

Liv from Wirral

Wow we did it Liv !! 1st time as well . ‘I’m moving to Texas Jan can we get a test done in a few weeks ? ‘ What a rollercoaster of events but enjoyed every minute of it . Have an amazing time in Texas so made up for you and feeling so proud !! 🎉

Catherine Laverick from Wirral

Huge Congratulations and another amazing 1st time pass for Catherine Laverick today . Lovely compliments from our examiner . Well done from the Hotwheelz Team your hard work has paid off !!! Brilliant result 🎉

Catherine Laverick from Wirral

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